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music is love: dive into the Ahn Trio on TedTalks [vid]

Music–making it or listening to it–can tap us into that same space where our own creativity comes from. Watch the Ahn sisters in action. Listen deeply. Get inspired.

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run like hell: hot stuff from Hafiz

We have not come here to take prisoners, But to surrender ever more deeply To freedom and joy. We have not come into this exquisite world To hold ourselves hostage from love. Run my dear, From anything That may not strengthen Your precious budding wings. Run like hell my dear, From anyone likely To put…

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Jonathan Fields: Turning Fear into Fuel [vid]

Jonathan Fields on how to turn fear into fuel. Fantastic!

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in praise of awe + 5 ways to get it

The little tree sparkled. From trunk to tip, tiny specks of light glowed golden bright. It wasn’t man-made. It was the play of street lights on droplets of rain that had gathered on its branches. It stopped us in our tracks. We paused mid-stride and mid-sentence to gaze open-mouthed at its natural beauty. We looked…

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Eat, Pray, Love’s Elizabeth Gilbert on Creativity [vid]

Eat, Pray, Love’s Elizabeth Gilbert’s TEDtalk on creativity. Your creative self is gonna love this!

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what if there is no path?

“Carlos Castaneda’s teacher Don Juan told him once that there is no path really, only heart. So basically, we can follow any old path we want and it will lead us nowhere. And if you follow a heartless path, that is all it will be. But if we follow the path with heart, then, when…

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how to be alone, by Tanya Davis [poetry in motion]

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when yoga is not enough: 5 resources for you

Everyone who reads my Joy for Life blog knows: Lindsey loves yoga. And I truly believe this practice is life-affirming. Yoga makes everything better.BUT there are times when we–and I–need more. That’s why I also love the following people, and what they have to offer. Thought I’d share them here, with you, so next time…

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where does your yoga happen? what’s going on–off the mat?

“The big difference is this: what we all do—householders, hermits and the unattached—on the black mat is mere scrimmage; the game is what happens everywhere else.”- Kirtan artist, father, husband, and dog owner Scott Robinson, on spiritual practice and family life RELATEDMandala Bandswings installed in Paris trees! yes!

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we will always be aware that we walk in the sky

Love this! Had to post on Joy for Life. Great for feeling-blue days. Get the full-size poster, for you to print.Words by BlissChick. Design by DaisyBones

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