laughter, joy, capturing the essence: yoga photography inspiration

If their effect on those they work with around the globe is anything like what they inspire in people here in Vancouver, yoga photographers and videographers Ian and Josie are truly bringing light to the world.

They’ve shot Gurmukh, Shiva Rea, Semperviva Yoga, the Envision Festival in Costa Rica, and tons more.

“You just want to be around them,” a Semperviva Yoga Studios staff member raved, “They’re just such great people.” Great people who take great photographs. “It’s different for each person,” explains Josie, “We just try to capture that person’s essence.” Each dedicated yogis with their own practices, Ian and Josie get it. They get why yoga is a powerful, practical practice. They get why people fall in love with it. And they get what it begins to set free. This is what their images capture. I could go on, but I’ll let them speak for themselves. To see more of their work, visit

Pure Souls Yoga Photography – About Us from Pure Souls on Vimeo.

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Wow, it's really a nice work which is so cherishing and beautiful too.Joyful moments.Great job.


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