21 day mindfulness challenge. you’re invited to The Power of Presence

power of presence mindfulness with lindsey lewis

The Power of Presence

This 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge is about arriving in a state of powerful presence, a state where we move out of the sinking feeling of Quicksand and into the strength, calm and ability of the Power of Presence. Mindfulness can get us there.

In any situation, at any time in your life, mindfulness can be the pathway and the practice to move you out of overwhelm and stress and into strength and peace.

This 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge will introduce you to mindfulness, help you see where you are lacking it, and teach you the most powerful ways to bring it into your life, exactly where and when you need it.

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Do you want to feel less overwhelmed?
Do you regularly experience times where you worry more than you take positive action?
Do you feel like you are spinning?

The Power of Presence

I’ve been there–it used to be my home base, my default way of being. I was overwhelmed, stressed, felt anxious, had aches and pains in my body, and constantly felt like I was reacting instead of creating what would be ideal. Fast forward seven years, after realizing the power of mindfulness and practicing it daily in my every day life, and now it’s like night and day. I don’t even recognize the person I used to be. Now I live mainly in a state of calm, strength and vitality, creating what’s ideal instead of just managing to handle what comes up. Mindfulness was one of the first steps I took to get here.

During this challenge, one daily challenge arrives in your inbox, starting November 7. Exercises, intentions, activities for you to do. All designed to help you bring mindfulness into your life and activate the power of presence.

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From all over the world: Vancouver, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Ohio, Orlando, Houston, Toronto, Panama City, Denver, Australia, South America, Europe and New York. More…

PLUS: Audio recordings

Two audio recordings.
One mid-way to keep you motivated and inspired.
One grande finale wrap-up to celebrate. Pop! Champagne toast.

Sign up for The Power of Presence 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge

21 Days of daily challenges, straight to your inbox.
Price: $15 $10 (early bird rate until noon PST Weds, November 5.)

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Here’s What People Are Saying

‘You’re a true teacher…You’re devoted, engaged in listening–really listening, and grounded in your own experience.’ – Danielle LaPorte, creator of The Fire Starter Sessions, Desire Map and more.

‘I found more time to really think about myself. My anxiety has been better and don’t have it that often any longer. It helped me. Weird that some emails really can do that!’ ~ Emma Andersson, Sweden

‘Wow. So I start getting these daily emails and I just love them. They are honest and uplifting. When I didn’t have them any more I truly felt that I was missing something.’ ~ Lisa Wise, Texas

‘Honestly, I’m kind of awful at checking my e-mail, but found myself looking forward to getting these in my inbox.’ ~ Adrienne, Vancouver

Sign up for The Power of Presence 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge

21 Days of daily challenges, straight to your inbox.
Price: $15 $10 (early bird rate until noon PST Weds, November 5.)

Register here.

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Starts November 7 PST. Don’t miss out on the early-bird rate.

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5 grace-infused time management tips. how to get it done, with greater ease

Pink Lotus Flower

Time management isn’t something I usually write about. But lots of people have been asking me lately about how to navigate the many desires and requests of their day.

How do I get it all done?

How do I manage it all?

The surprising thing is that time management has everything to do with divine timing. And you can access the infinite to help you get it all done and manage it all.

Here’s 5 Grace Infused Time Management Tips

1. Practice surrender.

2. Invite in the universe for guidance.

3. And listen deep–to your intuition and body compass.

4. Intentionally let go of the part of you that wants to schedule each minute and map everything out in great detail.

5. Instead, practice trust.

Here’s an example of an average day’s to-do love-list for me, not including meals:

Do my own morning practice and rituals
Teach yoga
Coach two clients
Create or finalize the next 21-day challenge
OR Create first or final outline of my upcoming class for Entheos’ Academy for Optimal Living
Respond to emails
Create map for new client, how we’ll get her where she wants to go
Connect with people on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Entheos Oasis

On other days, there are other things, like guest posts, posts for LibreLiving.com, meetings with other libre-oriented entrepreneurs, prepping for speaking gigs or facilitating workplace Power of Presence trainings. And a few other things I also love to do.

Here’s how I practice

surrender, invite in the universe for guidance, listen deep, and intentionally let go–and get it done (most days), with greater ease.

Surrender: I leave spaces in my day for my intuition to fill in. Instead of mapping out what I’ll do each day, I create weekly goals instead: a love-list of to-dos that are important that week, based on what I’ve promised to do for other people.

Invite in the universe for guidance:
Between my appointments, I begin each space of time with a check-in, where I read through the weekly love-list and feel into each item.

Listen deep: Whichever item has the strongest pull into a state of ease, I do.

Let go:
Even if the verbal part of my brain thinks I should prioritize something else. I do whatever it is that incites in me the greatest feeling of ease.

Practice trust:
Trusting that we can let go takes practice. It takes making the leap of faith that the love-list to-do that feels best, incites greater ease, will lead us to the greater end result. It does, every time. Getting there take practicing trusting that it will.

I let go of thinking that the verbal part of my brain knows best, and surrender to the timing of the universe. Every time I do this, timing just works. Even if my mind believes that the thing I feel pulled to do will take longer than I’ve got, if it feels like more ease to do it than to do something else, I do it. And, inevitably, it gets completed exactly in the right amount of time. And so does the next and the next and the next.

Soon, it’s the end of the day and the entire thing has passed in a state of flow.

What Happens When I Miss it Entirely

Before I start to sound like I’m always floating on air, let me be totally transparent: I don’t always manage this. Anytime I get caught in worrying about the future, I can get caught in thinking I need to make things happen, force myself through a strict to-do list, and generally lock out any sense of trust or grace. On these days I feel rushed, stressed, and short-tempered. And there never seems to be enough time.

I LOVE the term ‘practice.’ I practice being intuitive about what I do and when I do it–and each time I master it for a moment, it works out with grace and ease. It doesn’t matter if the to-do is mundane, or deeply intuitive. On the times I don’t manage it, I practice being absolutely ok with that.


I invite you to practice surrender, inviting in the universe for guidance, listening deep–to your intuition and body compass, intentionally letting go of the part of you that wants to schedule each minute and map everything out in great detail and instead, practice trust.

click to tweet: @lindsey_lewis: easy time management has everything to do with divine timing #libreliving

Good luck!


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i met an owl in the woods {listening for miracles}

Barn Owl Standing On The Moss

All my life

I’ve wanted to see an owl. Not behind glass, not in cage, but an owl in the wild, just standing there, all tall and stately, being wise and wonderful.

There’s a park I go to in the early morning, when the birds are the first ones awake and the air is clear and clean. In the sun they’re singing, winging their way from treetop to treetop, calling out and finding each other, chasing and ducking and diving through the air. In the rain they’re tucked onto the branches beneath the pine needles and the leaves, hopping and floating, chirping quietly.

On this particular morning

it had rained in the night. Not enough so that everything was dripping–that slow, moist drip where when you step back and look you can see the droplets evaporating off the branches. It had rained just enough that each blade of grass had a dew drop on its tip, tiny universes within a universe, a globe within the globe. The birds this morning were still, tucked under the canopy, sometimes chirping, mostly silent.

I had stepped one foot onto the grass, was about to land the other when I felt a distinct pull: sit down.

Right here?

Right here.

It wasn’t a spot I would usually sit in–too exposed to anyone passing by, not tucked up with my back against a tree trunk, feeling its strength through my spine.

I cast about a couple times, looking for another spot, but the direction remained the same: right here.

So I sat down,

right there on the grass, dew drops wet against my shins, trees breathing in and out around me. I sat there and just noticed. The blades of grass were blunt beneath my palm, the air was moist with the memory of raindrops, the sky was softly grey.

Then I looked up.

Right in front of me, standing there all tall and stately on a thick and moss-covered branch, was an owl. Not behind glass, not in a cage, just standing there, being wise and wonderful.

He was looking right at me with his big unblinking eyes.

I looked back at him. Breath in. Breath out. I watched his feathers rise and fall, his head swivel to notice when a new human-made noise rose up, and then watched it circle back to me. And we sat there just like that, just looking at each other, until the world around me fell away and everything including my heartbeat became still.

Then he spread his great wide wings and soared. He was gone.

Thank you, thank you, I thank you.


Watch for gifts, wait for miracles. Listen when you receive small tugs–they can lead to big things.

Much love,


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how to be your own guide for life {video}

clarity There are always decisions, choices, and pathways to navigate. Life is full of opportunity. And, for lots of us, indecision and confusion. “How do I know which choice is the right one? How do I trust my gut? How do I choose the right pathway?” These are all questions that come up over and…

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a navajo medicine man sent me a blessing on the wind. it arrived

bright white puffs of smoke They would puff up in random places—the corner of the kitchen where the window met the ceiling, in front of the door to the hallway, above my bed. Puffs of smoke, clear and white and round. It didn’t make any sense. I wasn’t burning any candles, hadn’t been cooking, hadn’t…

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