One Day Urban Wellness Retreat with me and 5 other heart centered coaches

urban wellness retreat

Connecting Your Body, Mind & Spirit

We are binging the wellness retreat to you. Right here in the heart of our beautiful city–Vancouver.

Join me and five other heart-centered coaches and learn simple tools & techniques to feel recharged, reconnected, and re-energized!

This 1 day experience is for you if you are craving

relaxation and freedom
space to breathe
a deeper connection to yourself and others
to be present and in the moment
to learn how to listen to your body
to be inspired and re-energized
to have fun and play
to have a guilt-free getaway in the city

This retreat will provide you the following experiences…

A peaceful tea meditation so you can listen to your heart and quiet your mind
A new way to share your voice and connect with others through heart centered storytelling circles
5 powerful mindfulness techniques to stay present and in your strength
A holistic approach to mindful eating and feeding your soul
A refreshing walking meditation to slow you down and enhance your breathing
A simple technique to connect to your core more deeply so you can remove any blockages and
manifest your desires and dreams
A fun loving freedom dance
Space for reflection and journalling
A clear and energizing personal integration plan with inspired actions

This will be a spacious, never rushed experience, with time for slowing down and reflection.

Meet the other coaches:

Susanne Mueller of Susanne Mueller Yoga & Nutrition
Moira Kruger of New Leaf Transformations
Lorie Corcuera, Aileen de la Torre, and Michelle Amaba of SPARK Creations & Company Inc.


General Admission: $188 per person
BFF (2 Ladies): $138 per person
Girls Day Out (4 Ladies): $128 per person

Click here to register.

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sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith

sometimes your only available mode of transportation is a leap of faith

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three things you need to know when you want to trust the universe

bigstock-abstract-blue-bokeh-background-45090340 (2)

You know those moments when you feel like you’re working really hard and nothing’s happening? Those moments where the thing–you know, the thing you’ve been calling for, and has been calling you–just isn’t happening? And you keep hearing that you just gotta trust the universe, trust that it will all turn out, that the money will come.

You say to yourself: “I’ve been trusting. I’ve been trying to be patient, and letting go of the outcome, while at the same time holding my vision…”

And still…crickets.

Here’s 3 Things You Need to Know When you Want to Trust the Universe

1. Recognize the universe is in you.

Our strongest, most powerful connection to all of life, all the stars, all the cosmos, all that is around us and can guide us, is within us. So often, when we get caught up in thinking “I need to trust the universe,” we get caught up in thinking that some external force is going to swoop in and save us. In other words: we go straight to dependent, weak and disempowered. This kind of trusting the universe is like being Rapunzel, stuck in a tower with all that long hair, waiting for the prince to come and save her–when all along she coulda just tied the ends of her hair to the window frame and climbed down herself.

Yup, she would’ve had to lop off her hair once she got down there, because the ends would still be tied to the window frame. But she’d be outta there.

2. We gotta let go–but it’s about letting go of what prevents us from stepping up.

The thing is, in my experience, when we’re caught up in “I just gotta trust the universe” and hoping to be saved, we’re hanging onto more than a bunch of hair. We’re hanging onto ways we can continue to hide, ways we can avoid stepping up. Beliefs about our inabilities, and fears about what it might mean if we own our infinite capacity to create.

I hung on for dear life to beliefs about my inability to earn good money, until the day I explored all that and realized that one of the main reasons I was hanging onto that was because I was afraid of what I might need to take responsibility for if I owned my infinite capacity to create money. I’d have to take responsibility for my finances, for my future, for every time I said “I can’t afford that.” No more excuses. No more ducking and hiding. That, to me, was terrifying. Luckily, when the desire for change is larger than the desire to stay in our comfort zone, big things can happen. And they did for me.

3. Know this: The universe will serve, not please.

Oh boy it would make my day if somebody just handed me a cheque for a million dollars. Until I think about it this way: would that serve me? Would that enable me to really step into my powerful self, with an innate and infallible confidence in own abilities? Probably not.

It would really please me to get a bunch of free money.

But it wouldn’t serve me. What serves me is to learn that I can do it, to learn this step by step, determined to succeed, facing every fear and limiting belief, until I finally, with the universe at my back, realize I can get outta this damn tower myself, thank you very much.

To sum it all up:

The best way to trust the universe is to learn to trust yourself, letting go of what prevents you from stepping up, and knowing that the universe is loving you by serving you, even it that doesn’t please you.

Love. It all comes back to love–in the fiercest way possible.

Much love,


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5 things people who succeed know to be true

Dreamers and Doers I talk with a lot of people who feel called. Not just dreamers, these are people who cannot imagine continuing on without listening to that something that is driving them and pulling them in another direction. Are you one of these people? Do you ever feel like the calling is too hard,…

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What to do When You Just Can’t Accept Yourself {guest post}

Have you ever gotten caught up in believing that you just need to accept something about yourself or your experience that doesn’t feel right? Probably. Doesn’t everyone in the world of wellness and spirituality teach us to practice acceptance? Well, if you’ve struggled with practicing the art of acceptance, then this article is for you….

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